Organization and Preservation

imageWorking on cleaning out closets and under the bed and in that storage spot?  If you find prints or art work that you aren’t sure you want to use , but are too nice or valuable to throw away…you might want to consider preservation.

You might have them stashed away from the light and think you are protecting them, but the humidity here in the Ohio Valley does as much to discolor and ruin art as the light.  Even if your art is in the original sleeve from the artist, the mold and moisture can get in.  You would hate to finally decide to frame the piece or give it away as a gift only to discover it is ruined or damaged.

Foam Core is a cellulose board product designed to attract the moisture away from art and acts like a sponge to keep prints, photos and art dry and preserved.  When used in combination with shrink wrap and heat sealed, prints stay dry and dust and dirt free.  The Foam Core is Acid Free so it’s like putting your art in a giant scrapbook till you are ready to use.

Cost of this type of preservation is usually less than $15 a piece , so considering what you probably paid for the art originally …you can think of it as cheap insurance.

While framers and decorators would rather you have the art on your wall than in a closet or under the bed….but both would agree that preservation is much better than “ruination”!