Weddings-a Summer Tradition

imageWhether you are the one getting married or have a wedding gift to give…picture framers always have suggestions for the special occasion.

Brides and grooms usually have lots of photos from the engagement to the actual wedding day.  That engagement photo can be used in a signature mat for wedding guests to sign and write notes to the happy couple , then frame it later to match wedding photos.  A formal portrait of the bride in her wedding dress, all framed up in a special “portrait frame” , makes a great gift to her parents for all they’ve done.  Of course you’ll want your wedding photo in your home, so ask your framer to suggest options to match your decor and living style.  Wedding photos don’t have to go in fancy frames anymore…they need to match the couple’s taste.  If you are one to save all the memorabilia from your wedding…why not put it in a shadow box for safe keeping and display.  We’ve put in objects like napkins, garders, candles, invitations, …even whole wedding dresses and shoes!

If you are the wedding gift giver…you have options too.  A framed wedding invitation is always a tasteful gift that will be cherished (mine still sits on a small easel in my living room) and is usually inexpensive to do.  One of my customers always gives the newspaper engagement announcement , framed in a simple grey mat and black frame and an easel to display.  If you know what style art the couple enjoys, a framed print for their home would be an awesome gift..and don’t forget to write a note and date on the back.  I have reframed art handed down to the next generation that was originally a wedding gift and the original note always stays with the piece!  Picture framers usually have giftware/collectables from artists they represent too.  Things like music boxes, small sculptures, glassware and mugs, or Christmas ornaments…all unique gifts but at reasonable prices.  Still not sure what to get them?   A gift certificate to have their wedding portrait framed would be so appreciated!

So whether you’re “in” the wedding…or “out” amoung the family and friends–remember to include your favorite picture framer on your “to do” list!