Birthdays and Hard To Shop For



Do you have a family member or friend with a birthday coming up?  Or have a birthday person that is always hard to shop for?  Since framers do all kinds of unique items, we always have great suggestions.
Grandparents always love photos of kids and grand kids.  That doesn’t mean you have to get everybody in one place for a group photo (although we can help with that too).  Framers can take individual photos and group them together in one frame.
Older folks love pictures and pieces of history from their past.  Gather up those old black and white photos or mix them with a piece of memorabilia and let your framer show you how great they will look together.  If you know of a damaged photo that means a lot to someone, photo restoration and reprints would be great too!
Sports fans love to show off pictures, ticket stubs, and jerseys from their favorite team.  Look in closets and drawers to see if they saved “stuff” from a memorable event or game.  Even a poster or signed sports print is a great addition to a sport room.
Giving art and prints even to young collectors will ensure a great memory for years to come instead of electronics.
If it’s your birthday coming up and you want something framed, but would rather pick it out yourself….ask your friends and family for framing gift certificates.

Redecorating? Shop In Your Own Home!

Great use of large wall and favorite photo!

Great use of large wall and favorite photo!

Have you spent too many hours in your house lately ( maybe due to weather) ?  Maybe, like me, you realized you need to redecorate either one room or the whole house.  Whether you decide to do it yourself or employ professional help, remember to make your space reflect your or your family’s identity.  Interior decorators can be a big help, but I always remind customers ” you live in the house, so make it your own”.
After you get the furniture and wall colors decided on…and it’s okay to keep what you have, then I like to use Christi Carter’s plan for accessories.  1. Wall Decor 2. Tabletops, Bookshelves, and Cabinets 3. Flowers &Foliage 4. Lights and Fragrance
Before you grab your credit card and coat to head out shopping for new accessories, shop in your own house first.  There may be a favorite picture or great frame that can be redone to go in the room you are working on.  Also look for tables or furniture that can be relocated.  Then think about the lighting you need to create the mood or identity of the room.  Now you can make that list of pieces you don’t have and need to shop for.
If you haven’t enlisted the help of a decorator, (or a friend that is good with decor) here is where the expertise pays off.  Take pictures of what you have already. Your framer can work with you or the expert to start on the walls, then work your way down the list…tables, flowers, lights.
Think of it as walking in the room, then choosing where you would like to sit or work in the room, then the feeling you want to soak in!